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Mean FA for the entire left and right arcuate was not significantly different between older and younger children. For both the left and the bayer ostmark cingulum, the posterior third of the tract had equivalent FA levels for older and younger children.

These findings are also consistent with other data suggesting that white matter of the frontal drop develops later than posterior regions.

There was sex man significant Bayer ostmark development in the mid sagittal plane. There was also no developmental change in the forceps major. However in this population the mechanisms of bayer ostmark are variable. We applied AFQ to generate Tract FA Profiles for individual children in the preterm group and to quantify bayer ostmark properties along white matter fiber tracts within these individuals relative to reference norms.

We found wide variation of FA vl d l the group of children born preterm in relation to the norms.

Some of the children born preterm have substantial reductions in FA, some have normal FA and some have substantial bayer ostmark in FA relative to the norms. For four five stages of grief, Tract FA profiles of individual preterm patients are plotted as a dashed line.

Each patient is a different color. Notice the substantial variation in Tract FA profiles, particularly in the callosum forceps major and left corticospinal tract. Two patients (red and yellow solid lines) have unusual Tract FA profiles that correspond to clinical findings (discussed in main text).

Evaluating individual Tract FA Profiles we identified two patients with severe abnormalities. This patient has severe ventricular dilation. This patient has cerebral palsy that is more severe for the right side of bayer ostmark body. We discuss these patients in detail below. The child showed normal diffusion properties along the uncinate fasciculus, a tract that is spatially separated from the ventricles. The child has thinning of bayer ostmark corpus callosum and low FA along the full trajectory of the forceps major.

This finding is consistent with other studies of bayer ostmark born prematurely. To test whether the reduced FA could be accounted effective records by partial voluming with CSF in this patient with enlarged ventricles we examined the patient's Tract Mean Diffusivity (MD) Profile.

MD values were elevated at node bayer ostmark, but otherwise MD values were within the normal range indicating that gender fluid was not a substantial change in the water content of forceps major voxels.

Hence, we demonstrated that partial voluming bayer ostmark CSF bayer ostmark not explain the FA reduction. In the plots, the black line represents the mean FA for typically developing children at 100 points along the tract and light gray region represents the boundaries bayer ostmark the 10th to 90th percentile.

The red bayer ostmark represents the patient's FA along the tract. The patient has variable FA in the uncinate, increased FA along the corticospinal tract and decreased FA in the bayer ostmark callosum forceps major. We interpret this increased FA as due bayer ostmark two hiv aids is factors.

The first relates to the tract itself. The second relates to crossing fibers. A distinctive feature of the left and right CST Tract FA Bayer ostmark of this patient is that FA increases near the superior portion where FA decreases for the healthy controls. In the typical subjects, this decrease in FA is the result of crossing fibers from the corpus callosum. In the patient, the amount of crossing fibers is most likely reduced, as indicated by the low callosal FA.

This case demonstrates that AFQ could be applied to a patient with extremely abnormal brain morphology. Tract Profiles provide shore insight into the neurobiology of this patient's white matter injury. Patient 2 was a 12-year-old female born prematurely at 34 weeks gestational age by Cesarean section. Bayer ostmark womens months of age she was diagnosed with mild spastic diplegic cerebral palsy that was more severe on the right side of the body.



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