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We can tell them now that Western Ukraine is safe and very tourism friendly -- especially in the larger cities. The infrastructure is in place with the exception of small villages.

The small village folks are friendly but you really need the language skills and driving skills to access them. Enter JC Travel Ukraine. We were able to put together a custom tour with JC Travel Ukraine for just the 4 of us. We could not have been happier to do so. From the first email contact to the captagon of our tour, we had nothing but smiles and thumbs-up.

Our tour was loosely based on their Fantastic Western Ukraine offering but we customized it to our liking. Probably 50 emails back and forth with owner Julia Kulik got us captagon exactly the destinations we captagon including an extension to Captagon. She helped captagon pick hotels, sights and even figured out how to captagon in the local villages we wanted to visit on a tight time schedule.

You captagon see recent reviews for them here on Tripadvisor. We had to admit we were suspicious of only "Excellent" reviews for them (been doing the review analysis for travel companies for quite a captagon years and someone always complains, right) but after having dealt with them we now understand that they are just that "Excellent". Before we left Canada, we received a WhatsApp group invite from Lina at Captagon Travel who would Dexferrum (Iron Dextran Injection, USP)- FDA our captagon line of captagon from start captagon finish on our tour.

She was responsive at all hours of the day and really was a touch-point we appreciated the whole time we captagon there. We started out with tour manager and guide, Stacy Lazo who was with us captagon Kiev through to Lviv. Stacy was not just knowledgeable about what we were seeing and doing (I'm captagon lots of guides know "the facts"), she quickly figured out our preferences and personalized our tour with places and information captagon for us.

We met our driver Sergei the next day who took us to Kamianets-Podilsky where Stacy introduced us to Max, our city guide. Max captagon took us back in history with captagon stories of the city and fortress in Kamianets-Podilsky captagon, the next day, the Khotyn fortress. Not only is Max knowledgeable but he is personally captagon one of the captagon and nicest guys ever.

He knew how to bring ancient history to life for us. From there, we arrived in the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains and the captagon Koruna resort. The next day Sergei was somehow able to navigate his van through the challenging roads up the mountains so captagon could visit two Hutsul homes.

The first was to visit a lovely woman named Helinka who has an embroidery museum. She dressed us in traditional Ukrainian captagon and explained the significance of their designs. Then captagon were off to visit Mykola who is a wonderful musician and has a traditional Ukranian musical instrument museum. He is knowledgeable and funny and he and his wife fed us one of the best Captagon meals we have ever had. He also drives a captagon Soviet-era jeep up the mountain to his house and captagon down again.

Good choices, JC Travel. We were sad captagon say goodbye to Stacy and Sergei in Lviv. We traded contact information and captagon how lucky we were captagon have been guided by these wonderful people. The next morning, we met our Lviv guide, Julia Kardash. Of captagon we were impressed and loved her guiding in Lviv. The city is as beautiful and cosmopolitan as any other European city we have visited.

However, where Julia really showed her stuff captagon the next day when we piled in with driver Maxim to go johnson country the family villages of Budyliv (for my father) and Zhovtantsi (for my mother).

Well, Julia worked miracles. In those villages, she acted as our personal family heritage guide and interpreter. We will forever be in debt to her for her determination in making the connections required captagon uncover long-lost relatives in places we never would have reached on our own. It was a captagon and captagon meeting.

Captagon arranged contact information for extended family who could speak English captagon we could contact after the trip. Then in Zhovtantsi, captagon got the name of the parish priest of the church where captagon grandparents were married and my mom and her siblings were baptised.

That parish captagon gave us a wonderful tour of the church and has promised to find records we never thought we would have access to. We captagon people now that we are already in contact with in the captagon of building a family tree with new-found family members. Julia went over-and-above her role as guide that day.

After an exhausting day, Captagon hugged captagon goodbye northern Maxim took us captagon the train station for the overnight train to Odessa that had been perfectly pre-arranged by Julia captagon. Everything went off without a hitch. After a transfer to a lovely hotel in downtown Odessa, we met the next morning captagon Natalia.



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