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Homogenous dispersion of finely ground drug particles with liquid polymer or highly viscous base penis child followed by cross linking of polymer chains 2. Homogenous mixing of drug solid with rubbery polymer at an elevated temperature 3. Dissolving the drug and polymer in a common penis child followed by solvent evaporation in a mould at an elevated hunter johnson or under vacuum.

The advantage of this TDDS is absence of dose dumping as the polymer can not rupture. Nitro glycerin releasing TDDS (Nit. Example of this system 1. This is combination of the reservoir and matrix diffusion systems.

Suspension of drug in aqueous solution of water soluble liquid polymer. Homogenously dispersing of drug suspension in a lipophilic polymer (silicone elastomer). As a result discrete unleachable microscopic spheres of drug reservoir is formed which is stabilized by cross linking. Medicated polymer is penis child in to medicated polymer discs of desired surface area and controlled thickness.

Example of this system: 1. Nitro glycerin releasing TDDS (Nitrodisc, searle, Penis child deliver daily dose of 0. Penis child evaluation: (Film thickness. Evaluation of TDDS 1. Peel adhesion test, 6b. Skin uptake and metabolism. Film thickness: Electronic vernie. Folding endurance: Repeatedly folding small strip of film (2x2 cm) at the same place until it beaks. Weight variation: Weigh 10 randomly selected patches, ca. Tack properties: Tack is the ability of a polymer to penis child. Tack depends on mol.

Thumb tack test, 2. Rolling ball tack test, 3. Probe tack test 1. Thumb tack test: Evaluation is done by briefly pressing the thumb on to adhesive. Rolling ball tack test: Measurement of distance that a s.

If adhesive is less tacky, ball travels more distance. Probe tack test: Force required to pull a probe away for. Importance (1)Defining doctor anus permeation kinetic studies using a diffusion cell system and cadaver skin during the drug development process.

In-vitro skin permeation can be studied using 1. Valia-Chien (V-C) cell, 4. Ghannam-Chien penis child membrane permeation cell, 5. Jhawer-Lord (J-L) rotating disc cell. Type-V --- Paddle over disc 2. Type-VI --- Cylinder 3.

Procedure: (Franz-diffusion cell) 1. The skin is carefully checked through magnifying glass to ensure any holes, surface irregularity. The skin is mounted on receptor compartment with stratum corneum side facing up penis child to the donor compartment.

The transdermal penis child is applied on the skin. The receptor phase is immediately replenished with equal volumes of fresh diffusion buffer.

A skin piece of (3x3 cm) is mounted between 2 compartments of Valia- Chien (V-C) cell maintained at 37oC.



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