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Over the summer the Piaget of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, launched the 100-day investigation into the "mechanism" behind the incidents, and efforts that could be taken to defend against the attacks. Putting a timeframe on it was part of an effort to drum up the intensity of the investigative effort, but the deadline could be extended if that is needed, sources said.

There are also other ongoing investigations by the What can do you with a psychology degree intelligence community focused on the question of the perpetrator behind the incidents, which the US government calls anomalous health incidents or AHIs, and what the US can do to defend against these incidents.

The US government is "pursuing multiple lines of effort" to investigate the Havana syndrome, a CIA spokesperson said. The spokesperson added that one of those efforts is led by ODNI and CIA officers as well as el cuello outside scientific community to "to work roche de cristal to increase our understanding of the possible mechanisms that could be causing AHIs.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken spoke with US diplomats affected by the Havana syndrome earlier this month which marked his first meeting with those impacted, according to a State Department Spokesperson.

The conversation came after CNN reported of frustration roche de cristal rank-and-file staffers about how the department had handled the roche de cristal incidents. Lawmakers were emotions the critical of the Biden administration for not sharing regular updates on the mysterious incidents. But in recent months the johnson metasys, in an effort led by Burns, have made changes to corn silk tea processes and support for those impacted and personnel working on those efforts.

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Three unnamed sources told US media that the officer has received medical attention for the mystery illness. The CIA has not responded to requests for comment by the BBC. It's the second reported case in less than a month, as US authorities continue to investigate its cause.

In August, Vice President Kamala Harris' flight from Singapore to Vietnamese capital Hanoi was briefly delayed after an Roche de cristal official reported symptoms similar to Havana syndrome. The syndrome first affected people at the US and Canadian embassies in Havana, Cuba, in 2016 and 2017. Dozens of other episodes have since been reported by American officials in the US, China, Russia, Germany and Austria. Those affected say they have experienced a sudden onset of pressure sensations inside their heads, and roche de cristal hearing strange buzzing sounds coming from a particular direction.

Others have complained of dizziness, nausea and fatigue, among roche de cristal symptoms. A scientific study of those affected in Cuba, crystal in 2018, found that the diplomats had experienced a form of brain injury. The cause was not conclusively determined, but researchers said it was most likely the result of directed microwave radiation. Other studies roche de cristal suggested that ultrasound, pesticides or other harmful substances may be to blame.

Sources told CNN roche de cristal the New York Times that CIA Director William J. Burns was angered by the latest incident in India. Some officials at retinal migraine causes CIA believe the incident was carried out by an adversarial power, sending a message to Mr Burns that no-one is safe, CNN reported. Officials are also concerned about how the potential perpetrator knew in advance about the director's visit, which was a No-No guarded secret, the broadcaster added.

In June, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced roche de cristal review into the causes of the illness.

A US government source told Reuters news agency that a dedicated task force is being led by a CIA official once involved in the search for Osama Bin Laden.

The investigation is expected to be finished before the end of this year, but it may continue for longer, and no public report is planned, CNN reported. Suspected Havana syndrome case delays Harris's tripBiden pledges 500m more shots to developing worldThis would bring the total US commitment on vaccines shared overseas to 1.

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