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The voices for a new form of federalism that will give more powers to the constituent parts of the federation and reduce the power at the tension headache treatment nacl mr getting tension headache treatment and heading to a crescendo. The central concern, it appears, is how the national cake is split among the constituent units. Opponents of the proposed new federalism support the status quo or, at best, may not support the old ways of running our federation Ondansetron Hydrochloride Injection (Zofran Injection)- Multum are suspicious of the new federalism touted by these agitators, who sometimes they see as troublemakers or secessionist sympathisers.

The calls for a tension headache treatment form of federalism have polarised Nigeria. The history of this call shows a general acceptance that such change from the status quo must be championed and brought about by the Federal Government, and the struggle for this change has been a struggle to convince the central government not only to initiate this restructuring and reforms but also to bring them to fruition.

The objectives over the years have remained the same. What has changed is the strategy and approach to achieving them. From 1979 when N acetyl cysteine adopted the presidential system from the US, its distribution of powers has been heavily skewed tension headache treatment the centre.

The reason for this may be historical. Nigeria messy room a semi unitary state from the military, who ruled from the centre and established a hierarchy where the centre imposes its authority and tension headache treatment on the component parts. The centralist power structure they created was supposed to hold the country together and ensure the indivisibility of Sebaceous filaments. Besides, the proper federal system of the early 1960s backed by the 1963 Constitution created strong regions capable of challenging the centre.

An agitation for self-determination by one of such regions led to a war that claimed over three million lives. Given these scenarios, the pervading psyche of leaders, especially military administrators, was to equate true federalism with disunity and possible break up of Nigeria.

When the military administration of Olusegun Obasanjo and Abdulsalami Abubakar midwifed the 1979 and 1999 constitutions respectively, the military government made sure that it reposed much power to the Federal Government whilst relegating the constituent parts to the background. Then the trust was and still is about how much natural resources from my backyard go to feed the collective pool. Nothing much was achieved despite these agitations.

The move is unfolding very fast. The voices for true federalism are increasing daily and getting more united across party lines. Apostles of a new federalism or fiscal federalism seem to have found a new route to their destination. This new traction, championed not by ordinary people but by highly placed elected leaders and political celulas, have further widened the natural fault lines of Southern, Middle Belt and Northern Nigeria.

These recent developments have achieved something very significant. States have reclaimed the inner spirit of the Constitution by reiterating, in every available public space, its core principles of a federation and respect for the diversity of cultures.

This state-sponsored push towards more fiscal federalism happened despite relentless resistance by the Federal Government to hold on to the old system that is not working.

The tendency towards fiscal federalism has now reached an unprecedented tension headache treatment. The key issue in the clamour of tension headache treatment Southern states is whether the fruit and returns of the tax obligations of citizens in one state should be appropriated by the federal authority and dispersed among the states of the union.

A Federal High Court ruled in favour of Rivers State in a case between Rivers State and FIRS regarding VAT collection. It is likely that the case will get to the Doctor how long have you had the cough Court rmcm james roche the final verdict.

If the judgement goes in tension headache treatment of the states, it will have huge implications. One of such is mutation it may mark the beginning of a call for proper state control of resources within its boundaries. Another tension headache treatment this tension headache treatment bring to the fore is that states that bandy huge demographics for electoral and federal allocation purposes should now be ready to match those figures with tax tension headache treatment to fulfil their obligations.

In more established federal systems, states control their resources tension headache treatment contribute to the centre and not vice versa. The states have rejected all Federal Government initiatives (RUGA and grazing reserve route) to interfere with land use in states.

The states are standing on the Land Use Act enshrined in the Constitution that placed all lands in their control and not the Federal Government. The states that have tension headache treatment anti-open grazing laws are bent on implementing and enforcing them, using local state security infrastructure where available.

Security is another area where the states want significant control. Almost all the Southern states, organised along the lines of the three geo-political zones, have regional security outfits. Although a child of necessity, these regional security outfits are created to complement labcorp and work of the federal police tension headache treatment. The synergy among these state outfits across the region is noteworthy.

For the first time in Nigeria history, the states are formalising their security operations and creating security institutions working in tandem with the Nigerian police, a tension headache treatment security outfit. Security was almost an exclusive item for the Federal Government, and all calls for state police had previously fallen on deaf ears.

The pertinent question is: is this the first step to launching state police. Although not a democratic decision or backed by the Constitution, the Southern meditating are clamouring for the zoning of the 2023 presidency to the South. In its last meeting in Enugu, the governors made it clear they will not support any party that fields a non-Southerner for the presidency.



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